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From 'Tippecanoe' to 'Yes we can'

CNN - 30 min 53 sec ago
Presidential candidates have to find fresh ways to sell themselves and their ideas to the American people. From "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" to "Change we can believe in," here are some of America's best presidential campaign slogans.
Categories: National News

One more try for a Greek deal as time runs out

Business News - 31 min 28 sec ago
Greece is asking for a new European bailout as it runs short of time to prevent a deepening financial crisis forcing it out of the euro.

Does ancient 'conflict resolution' village hold key to U.S.-Iran talks?

CNN World - 48 min 47 sec ago
The elderly lady struggles to walk up a steep alley in the ancient Iranian village of Abyaneh. It's almost painful to watch as she puts her whole weight onto her walking stick to try to propel herself up the incline.
Categories: International News
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