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The Pope goes to Harlem

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 12:51pm
On a park bench outside a Manhattan housing project, Jenny Ortiz, 65, remembered the day she and several parishioners were led out of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in handcuffs.

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Man convicted of pushing wife off cliff

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 12:49pm
Harold Henthorn said his second wife slipped while taking a picture, plunging to her death on their 12th wedding anniversary.

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Poll: Trump lead shrinks, still tops in GOP field

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:26am
Donald Trump remains the Republican front-runner -- but a new poll confirms that he's losing some support. Hillary Clinton also maintains her advantage on the Democratic side, even if the undeclared Joe Biden jumps into the mix.

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No nooses at university, police say, but anxiety persists

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:20am
The discovery of what looked like nooses hanging from a tree at the University of Delaware in Newark stirred outrage and anxiety this week, even after police ruled out a hate crime.

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Huckabee: Obama pretends to be a Christian

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:17am
Mike Huckabee suggested President Barack Obama "pretends to be" a Christian in knocking the President's handling of Pope Francis' first visit to the U.S.

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Dems: Let Boehner shut it down

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:16am
House Democrats are fed up with the Republican divisions stalling action on a spending bill and may not be in the mood to help House Speaker John Boehner avoid another government shutdown.

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Texas football players who intentionally hit official attend disciplinary hearing

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:05am
Two Texas high school football players, who intentionally hit an official during a game earlier this month and were suspended from school, attended a disciplinary hearing Wednesday.

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Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra makes rare leap to American TV

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:04am
She's a megastar from Mumbai, India, home to the world's most prolific film industry.

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Scrapyard worker cuts into ordnance, killed by blast

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 9:03am
A man died in an explosion at a scrapyard in Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday after he cut a piece of military ordnance, police said.

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5 things to know about today's papal visit

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 8:55am
Pope Francis landed on U.S. soil for the first time Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, the Pope will hold his first public events in Washington.

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Donald Trump vs. the Pope on immigration, climate change

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 8:47am
Donald Trump believes Pope Francis' words on immigration are "beautiful," but expressed fundamental disagreements with the Pope on how to handle immigrants as well as the need to address climate change.

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The first televised debate

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 6:52am

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Shopper, 78: I was punched over Costco free samples

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:37pm
Grabbing a food sample while shopping at a grocery store is usually a fairly innocuous event. Not so at a Costco in California last weekend.

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23% of women report sexual assault in college

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:34pm
A new survey of college students, one of the largest ever focusing on sexual assault and sexual misconduct, has reignited the debate over just how big a problem sexual assault on campus really is.

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Ben Carson: Money pouring in after Muslim comments

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:26pm
Ben Carson said Wednesday he's pulling in lots of money amid all the backlash he's received for remarks he made regarding Muslims in politics.

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Binge drinking 101: Learning to curb the college trend

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:23pm
It was April of his freshman year. Ben Yeager woke up on a couch in a dark basement not sure where he was and how and when he got there, he wrote in a powerful personal essay for The Washington Post.

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Jeb Bush weighs in on 'multiculturalism'

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:23pm
Jeb Bush argued Tuesday that the United States is "creeping toward multiculturalism" and described it as "the wrong approach."

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Obama welcomes Francis at White House

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 12:21pm

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