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Priority Designations

March 11, 2011

By Deb Fischer, Senator
Dictrict 43

We have come to the point in the Legislative Session where bills will likely need a priority designation in order to be debated on
the floor. March 9th was the due date for Senator and Committee priority
designations as well as requests for Speaker priority designations.
Each Senator gets one bill to designate as a priority, the Committees
are able to designate two bills each and the Speaker can designate up to
25 priority bills. This system enables those bills deemed priorities to
be debated ahead of other bills.

A Variety of Legislation

February 28, 2011

By Deb Fischer, Senator,
District 43

Lincoln - Several important bills have been debated by the
Legislature over the last couple of weeks. These bills deal with
various areas of policy from adoption to fluoridation of water. As the
session moves along, I expect the Legislature will continue debating
more Senator priority bills through March and then begin work on the
budget in late April.

A bill I co-sponsored, LB 284, to place restrictions on protestors at
funerals recently passed the first round of debate. This bill was

Protecting rural courts

February 18, 2011

By Deb Fischer, Senator,
District 43

The projected budget shortfall is going to affect all areas of state government, including the court system. I have received
quite a few emails and letters from people who are concerned about
possible court closures in our counties. While I understand the
hardships facing the Supreme Court system, I am committed to protecting
our access to governmental services, including our fundamental right to
justice through court services in our sparsely populated areas. I
worked hard to retain our county judge in our Eighth Judicial District.

Do we want teachers or armed guards?

January 27, 2011

Statehouse Correspondent
The Nebraska Press Association

LINCOLN – Lawmakers are talking about whether teachers should be authorized to carry guns at school.
What should the rest of us be talking about?
What does it say about us when a teacher goes into a classroom, armed like an undercover cop going to a drug buy?
What does it say about us when such a thing is even a legitimate topic for discussion?

Floor debate begins

January 21, 2011

By Deb Fischer, Senator, District 43
Bill introduction is complete with 698 bills and 11 constitutional amendments being introduced this legislative session. Committee hearings began on January 18th and floor debate on January 20th.
I have heard from many of you about several bills that have been
introduced to increase taxes. Two bills to increase the tobacco tax, LB
436 and LB 590, have been introduced by Senator Mike Gloor of Grand
Island. LB 436 raises the tax on cigarettes from $.64 to $1.99, which
is over a 200% increase. LB 590 closes a loophole that allows

Senator Fischer's Legislative Notes

December 20, 2010

By Senator Deb Fischer

The 102nd Legislative Session begins on January 5, 2011,
and we have a significant amount of work to do over the 90 days. As I
have discussed many times, the budget is the primary concern this
session. Estimates of the budget shortfall have changed over the last
several months, with the most recent estimates being $986 million.
Standing committees just completed the LR 542 process to identify
potential budget cuts. These potential cuts were made public on
Thursday, December 16th and include a wide range of options. I will

Food Safety Bill Important to Nebraska's Health and Livelihood

December 8, 2010

By Senator Mike Johanns
The livelihood of Nebraska's agricultural producers depends upon consumer confidence in the entire food safety system. If this confidence is lost in any part of the system - from production to the produce aisle - our state's number one industry, agriculture, pays a heavy price. As Secretary of Agriculture, I witnessed firsthand how outbreaks and scares of food-borne illnesses devastated certain food industries and their producers. To help safeguard against future outbreaks and panics in our food system, I voted for the Senate food safety bill last week.

CAPITOL VIEW: By Ed Howard, Statehouse Correspondent, The Nebraska Press Association

November 29, 2010

What critics call the federal Dog Food Commission have zeroed in most especially on proposals from the panel’s co-chairs that would take an axe to Social Security benefits.

Questions of the Broken Bow Mayor candidates

October 27, 2010

Mayor Candidates Q&A
Cecil Burt and Mac McMeen
October 26, 2010
by Belinda Vavricek

What experience do you have that would make you a good mayor?

Cecil Burt:
Burt began by stating that he has lived in Broken Bow since 1979, making him familiar with the issues of this small rural town. He also commented about how he comes from an ag background, which gives him a common sense approach to solving problems. In the past, he has managed several businesses and has owned his own for approximately ten years.

Mac McMeen:

The Value of Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 21, 2010

By Gov. Dave Heineman

Dear Fellow Nebraskans:

I want to encourage parents to attend their children's parent-teacher conferences. Many schools hold parent-teacher conferences early the fall, typically during the month of October. One of the most important things we can do for our children is to attend these meetings.

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