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Area State Track and Field Participants

May 16, 2013

State Track Meet Schedule- Running

Class B
110-meter hurdles
Tanner Briggs- Broken Bow- Heat 3- Lane 4

100-meter dash
Alex White- Broken Bow- Heat 1- Lane 2

Boys 400-meter Dash
Nate Evans- Broken Bow- Heat 3- Lane 2

Boys 200-meter dash
Alex White- Broken Bow- Heat 2 Lane 6

Boys 4x100-meter relay
Broken Bow- Section 2- Lane 3- Evans, Campebell, Briggs, White
Class C

Boys 110-meter hurdles- Tanner Snow- Ansley-Litchfield

Girls 400-meter dash
Heat 3- Alivia Wardyn- Ansley-Litchfield- Lane 1

Class D
Girls 3200-meter relay-
Boys 3200-meter relay- South Loup (Levi Loper, 12, #253; Haden Geiser, 12, #251; Kyle Pierce, 11, #255; Garret Dockweiler, 12, #250)- 3:30 pm

Girls 100-meter hurdles
Heat 1- Madison Tomlinson- Mullen Lane 5
Heat 2- Traci Cooley- Mullen Lane 1
Girls 100-meter dash
Heat 2- Alexis Sock- SEM Lane 3
Heat 3- Shayla Dockweiler- South Loup- Lane 2
Madison Tomlinson- Mullen- Lane 5
Boys 100-meter dash- 5:00 pm
Heat 1- Dexter Griebel Twin Loup- Lane 1
Derek Hildebrandt South Loup- Lane 5
Heat 2- Tanner Cline South Loup- Lane 1

Boys 400-meter dash
Heat 1- Riley Rice- Mullen- Lane 1

Girls 3200-meter run
Libbie Cramer- Anselmo-Merna

Boys 3200-meter relay
Waylon Carpenter- Mullen

Girls 300-meter Hurdles
Heat 1- Traci Cooley- Mullen Lane 2
Heat 2- Alicia Pierce- SEM- Lane 1
Madison Tomlinson- Mullen- Lane 5

Boys 300-meter hurdles
Heat 2- Robbie Ritz- Arcadia- Lane 2
Heat 3- Bailey McMillin- Mullen- Lane 1
Garret Dockweiler- South Loup- Lane 7

Boys 200-meter dash
Heat 3- Tanner Cline- South Loup- Heat 3

Girls 800-meter run
Section 1- Jaden Lutz- South Loup

Boys 800-meter run
Section 1- Kyle Pierce- South Loup

Girls 400-meter relay
Section 1- SEM- Lane 2 (Alexis Sock, 9, #269; Kisha Thomas, 11, #271; Alicia Pierce, 9, #268; Macey Sock, 11, #270)

Boys 400-meter relay- South Loup- Lane 4- Tanner Cline, 12, #249; Brady Weinman, 12, #256; Haden Geiser, 12, #251; Derek Hildebrandt, 12, #252

Girls 1600-meter run
Libbie Cramer- Anselmo-Merna
Kindra Dunbar- Twin Loup

Boys 1600-meter run
Steele Sillivan- Arcadia
Kyle Pierce- South Loup

Girls 4x400-meter relay
Section 1- SEM- Lane 5- Alexis Sock, 9, #269; Kisha Thomas, 11, #271; Alicia Pierce, 9, #268; Macey Sock, 11, #270

Boys 4x400 relay
Section 2- South Loup- Lane 7- Kyle Pierce, 11, #255; Levi Loper, 12, #253; Haden Geiser, 12, #251; Garret Dockweiler

State meet schedule- field

Class C

Boys Discus

Tyson Howard- Ansley-Litchfield- Discus- 8th in flight three

Boys Pole Vault- Michael Hoblyn-Shoemaker-11th

Class D

Girls Long Jump
Macey Sock SEM- 3rd in flight 2

Boys Long Jump
Derek Hildebrandt- South Loup 3rd in flight 3
Dexter Griebel- Twin Loup- 4th in Flight 3
Tanner Cline- South Loup- 8th in flight 3

Girls High Jump
Brieanna James- SEM- 15th
Shannon Morse- Twin Loup-17th
Shayla Dockweiler- South Loup- 21st

Boys High Jump
Ryan Halouska- Anselmo-Merna- 7th

Girls Shot
Michaela Weverka- South Loup-15th

Boys Shot
Britt McIntosh- Mullen- 1st in flight 1
Ryan Mosier- Twin Loup- 3rd in flight 3
Josh Vinton- Mullen 4th in flight 2

Girls Discus
Megan Max- Anselmo-Merna-2nd in flight 2

Boys Discus
Ryan Mosier- Twin Loup- 2nd in flight 3
Tye Spies-Mullen- 7th in flight 3

Girls Triple Jump
Macey Sock- SEM- 3rd in flight 1
Jordan Rush- 1st in flight 2
Tami Myers- 5th in flight 2

Boys Triple Jump
Ryan Halouska- Anselmo-Merna- 6th in flight 1
Jack Gibbens- 2nd in flight 3

Girls Triple Jump
Haley Reed- South Loup- 2nd
Boys Pole Vault
Jacob Mason- South Loup- 2nd
Brady Weinman- South Loup last

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