Beat the Heat- Mia McCaslin

In this week’s Custer County Chief, our Viewpoint page is dedicated to Broken Bow residents’ opinions on how to win out against the massive heat-wave sweeping the nation. Many people had the same general consensus: stay inside, utilize your air conditioning and stay hydrated. We’re very lucky, most businesses now-a-days are air conditioned. Even if you don’t work or live in an air conditioned building, there are plenty of air conditioned places that you can spend your free time. However, air conditioning isn’t the only way to vanquish the high climbing temperatures. Spending time in cool water is not only effective, but fun! Go to the pool, or even lay out a sprinkler in your back yard to run around in! And no, the sprinkler isn’t just for the younger folks; anyone can have a good time keeping cool with the sprinkler. One thing to be very careful of when you are taking advantage of water instead of air conditioning is that since you will be outside, sunscreen is a must. Don’t forget to reapply as well. These are just the few (and most obvious) ways to beat the heat. There are tons of ways to stay cool, and I would like to hear from you! Do you have any wacky tricks to keep the sweat off your back? How do you stay cool on these sweltering days?