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Been Awhile...

May 12, 2011

I think I mentioned in my previous post that this time of the year is crazy! Tomorrow is our last junior high track meet...I'm excited to see what the kids can do! We've had some awesome performances this year. Our distance girls enjoy taking several of the top positions in each race they run. At one track meet, I told one of them that she needed to run a personal best of 2:50 in the 800 and win her heat in order to place. She said she'd try...well, she missed it by 1 second and just barely missed placing. However, that was a 20-second improvement! Wow! Kids like that make coaching look easy! One girl asked to run the 400, "just to see what I can do" and easily ran her way to 2nd place!

So, hats off to you, parents, for all you do in supporting our athletes and encouraging them, even at a young age. Sports can bring out the best and worst characteristics in each athlete, and I'm happy to say our kids seem to want the best for themselves and their fellow athletes!