Bow students contribute to Haiti school project

Will and Julie (Sybrant) White have lived in Haiti for 12 years, where Will is a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship. MAF provides transportation for mission, church and relief workers within Haiti. A usual term with MAF is three and a half years overseas and a six month furlough in the US. However, this time the White’s extended this furlough so the kids could have an entire school year in an American school. Will and Julie’s daughter, Abby, was in third grade this year, and her classmates decided they wanted to do a service project for Haiti. “The last month or so of school they collected pocket change and raised money for TeacHaiti - a school program that a friend of ours started and runs,” Will explains. “This will help with a summer school program and also a meal program. “Most of the kids involved with TeacHaiti are extremely poor and often, the only food they get is the one school meal they are given.” After spending a week in Texas visiting Will’s parents, the family plans to return to Haiti June 4. They took the above picture back with them to show the kids in Haiti who raised the money for them. Will promises an update from the school in Haiti, and says a special thank you to the kids in Abby’s third grade class.