Driscoll: Iowa new rival?

Last week I went to The Bonfire and I sat down next to a couple of older folks. Being the nosey person I am, I listened to their conversation because they were talking about college football. We will call them Bill and Bob...because I don't know their names. They were talking about Taylor Martinez's inability to throw a football correctly and how the loss of Jared Crick for the season might be a good thing because he wasn't a force to be reckoned with. Then the conversation went like this: " Exactly who's our rival, Bob?" - Bill" You know, I don't know. "- Bob" I would have to say Oklahoma." - Bill" Bill, Boomer Sooner is dead." - Bob" What do you mean?" - Bill" We're in the Big Ten, you big dummy. We are rival-less."-Bob I swear, that was the conversation. Honestly, in this time of conference realignment and conferences rumored to dissolve one day and then, the following day, they add two teams (I'm talking about you Big 12), there are conferences with 10 members calling themselves 12 ( again, Big 12) and conferences with 12 members, yet keep the 10 ( Big Ten). It's hard to even decide who your rival is, because who knows, they might be gone next year. Let's face it, Husker fans, Oklahoma isn't coming back. Heck, they haven't been rivals in years. Oklahoma decided that Texas was their main rival when the Big 12 formed. Nebraska was teamed up with Colorado (my favorite team in the whole world) and were deemed rivals. However, we know how that went: Colorado fans loved to hate on Nebraska and Nebraska fans were left wondering, “Really, Colorado? But that's a long, long, time ago. Nebraska enters a new era! I believe I know exactly who Nebraska's rival should be! Let me introduce the Iowa Hawkeyes. I went to Wayne State College located in Wayne, Nebr. In case you don't know, that's about 45 minutes from Sioux City, Iowa. A lot of Iowans went to Wayne State. In some cases, there were Iowa football parties in the dorms and Nebraska fans were left wondering, “What the heck just happened?” I believe Nebraska-Iowa will turn into a nasty, bitter, but awesome rivalry. Here are my Top 5 reasons why Nebraska and Iowa will be sweet:1.They are Border States and Omaha/Council Bluffs is loaded with fans from both fan bases.2.The game is played the day after Thanksgiving.3.Lincoln and Iowa City are similar cities.4.Both have rabid fan bases that will travel to see their team play.5.Iowa was called the Cornhuskers first, then changed their name, and Nebraska decided to claim their title as Cornhusker. I can't wait for the first match-up between the two teams: Cornfrontation Part I.