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Highway 2 project designed for safety

June 18, 2012

From now on if your vehicle crosses the center line while traveling east of Broken Bow on Highway 2, you will know it.
As part of a statewide project, State Highway 2 between Broken Bow and the Custer County line is slated for installation of center line rumble bars. The first portion of that project has already been completed, with the rumble bars installed between Broken Bow and Berwyn.
According to Gary Thayer, Nebraska Department of Roads District Engineer for District 6, the statewide plan was developed to address sections of highway across the state that have demonstrated a history of cross-over accidents. Thayer says this section of Highway 2 had been slated as part of the plan several months ago, and had nothing to do with the recent accident near Ansley.
Thayer says his department is currently evaluating the stretch of highway between Ansley and Mason City to determine if the pavement conditions will allow for the installation of the rumble bars. However, Thayer says that section of highway is already scheduled for construction in three years.
The implementation of the rumble bars plan began in Western Nebraska and is moving east, and Thayer says seven of the eight districts have already been completed.

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