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Just what I was waiting for...

June 13, 2011

Well, I'm back in Broken Bow. After 3 1/2 weeks of chasing a dream, I'm glad to be home. But I have to admit, the dream was worth chasing...
If you've read the previous blog "Waiting to expel," you know where I'm coming from. If you haven't - well, take a minute to read it! It wasn't easy waiting for my second child to be born, as I do not like to sit idle and it was difficult to view it as a vacation when half my family wasn't there.
However, on Monday the 6th, we went to our doctor's appointment at Creighton Medical Center. We'd packed our bags and loaded the cars, ready to drive back to Broken Bow and have a c-section. I'd even scheduled it for the earliest time possible after returning. Both my husband and father-in-law (who came to watch our daughter in case I did go into labor) admitted they were totally prepared to drive back to Bow that day.
But our doctor had other plans. She couldn't even tell if I'd dilated, but she wanted to try to induce anyhow. So, I was taken to labor and delivery, hooked up to IV's and about 100 other wires and tubes. I joked I felt like a puppet.
An hour after being induced, my water broke. If you've ever seen the movie Coneheads, you have a pretty good picture of what it was like. My husband joked that it was a good thing he was wearing shoes that doubled as water shoes.
Almost 20 hours later, the next day, in fact, I was holding my baby boy. He was born without a c-section and we are both doing wonderfully.
I am surprised in the difference between each of my birthing recoveries. For me, the natural birth recovery is far more satisfying. I love hearing people say "Wow! You look great! I can't believe you are out of the hospital already."
But my thanks goes out to the many people who gave me a chance at my dream of having a natural birth. It starts with my Broken Bow doctor who knew how I felt after the birth of my first child and encouraged me to allow her to refer me to Omaha. Thanks to the security guards and housecleaning crew in Ashland who kept me company and encouraged me. Thanks to my sister, mother-in-law and "adopted" sister who came to Ashland to babysit me and my daughter. Thanks to our Creighton doctor who took a chance on me, even after being referred to her last-minute, and who supported me through the end. Thanks to the nurses and hospital staff at Creighton who, despite being swamped with about 15 births within 24 hours, made us feel welcome and cared for. And most of all, thanks to my husband who supported me financially while I was "on vacation," physically when I tried to faint during the epideral, mentally when I questioned my sanity at attempting something so far away and emotionally whether I was laughing or crying.
Was it a difficult decision - yes. Was it worth it - yes. Did I learn from it - yes. Would I do it again - yes...umm, but I would wait another week before leaving since my children seem to need "extra time in the oven." You'll soon see our baby in the Custer County Chief under births. I'll give you a hint...intials are RTM.