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Please put the lid down...

February 10, 2011

As I was getting ready for work this morning and struggling with my almost-2-year-old daughter to get her ready for daycare, I was reminded how many pet peeves I have. Maybe too many!
Of all the cute and not-so-cute things my daughter does, her whiny, crabby, tantrum-like behaviors get to me the fastest. I can handle the all-out tantrum (I think it's really cute and shows great coordination when she jumps up and down), but the fussy-for-no-reason stuff drives me insane!
As I thought about our morning, I began to think about other things that annoy me: leaving the toilet seat up, someone driving 2 mph UNDER the speed limit (it's really hard to pass those people as compared to someone driving 10 mph under), wasting food, leaving lights on, folding laundry any way except MY way, putting wet glasses back in the shelf or on the wrong shelf (and I wonder why my husband never wants to do dishes), throwing paper or pop cans in the trash instead of recycling (this one is dedicated to my mother-in-law), saying "you know" or "um" or one of the many other space fillers more than once a minute - and who knows what else I'm forgetting!
I know I'm not the only one out there with a long list of pet peeves. Log in and let us know about your pet peeves. Who knows, maybe we'll find a compromise...or better ways to annoy each other!