Sen. Fischer outraged by government funding of Planned Parenthood

State Senator and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer criticized the decision of the Obama Administration to bypass the will of the people in New Hampshire and directly fund local operations of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider."The President is directly intervening in local matters, and using ourprecious tax dollars to do it is just wrong," said Fischer. "Obama'sactions violate the right of the states and are yet another example ofhis Administration's overreach. Planned Parenthood's actions directlyviolate the conscience of millions of Americans, and in this case,directly contradict the will of the state of New Hampshire."The state of New Hampshire ended taxpayer-funding of PlannedParenthood in the state, saving taxpayers roughly $1.8 million andending the unethical practice of forcing citizens to fund anorganization that performs abortions. Faced with this fundingchallenge, Planned Parenthood - which donated over $350,000 to thePresident's party in 2008 - turned to the Obama Administration forhelp, and was warmly received."In an era of tightened spending, the federal government definitelyshould not be funding organizations like Planned Parenthood. Justlike ObamaCare, the stimulus program, and now the President's jobsbill, this appears to have been written by special interests forspecial interests. This Administration wants to use taxpayer money toshore up its political supporters, in this case Planned Parenthood.Our country needs to build a culture of life and funding groups likePlanned Parenthood is completely the wrong approach." explainedFischer.