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Sibling rivalry...

October 10, 2011

When I look back on my family of origin, it's interesting to see how our relationships change and then come back around. I'm POSITIVE I was always the loving, caring older sister who looked out for my younger siblings. Ok, ok, so there were a FEW times I got mad and mean.
Then I got into college and my relationships changed tremendously. First, the 3rd child kicked me out of my bedroom. The 5th child, who was something like 5 at the time, felt sorry for me and built me a room. Yep, cardboard washer/dryer box out in the garage, complete with a carpet scrap and hand-drawn decorations. At least someone loved me enough to have a place for me to sleep when I visited!
My 2nd sister, with whom I had the majority of scuffles, and I started to actually like each other (we always loved the other, as evidenced by my protecting her from our boy cousin - I was the only one who could pick on her, thank you!).
My brother (the 4th child) really didn't care for my opinions. And the baby of the family, that spoiled little stinker who loved me enough to build me a home, well she decided she wanted to be just like me, except with my other two sisters' fashion sense.
Now, I'm getting to watch my two children grow. My daughter loves her baby brother and she is also protective of him. If I allow others to hold him, she plants her feet and announces "Dat MY baby brudder." Last Friday, we went to the doctor's office. It was a wellness check for the baby and flu shots for me and my daughter.
I got my shot in the arm and said "oh, I'm ok." Then my daughter climbed up on the exam table and announced that it was her turn. It was one of those delayed reaction moments - she watched the nurse stick her leg with the needle, waited a couple seconds and then screamed. However, she calmed in 30 seconds, which I thought had to be a clinic record.
Then the nurse came back in with my son's shots and another nurse to help her. My daughter started screaming again and I calmed her down, assuring her the shots weren't for her, but for her brother. That concerned her greatly. She watched the nurses prepare and then shot out of her chair and climbed up onto the exam table. She shielded my son with her body, all the while announcing, "No, no baby shots. They hurt!" Cute and endearing as it was, I had to explain that he needed shots to be healthy. She almost cried listening to her brother cry.
I hope she keeps that protective and loving attitude as she gets older. However, from everything I hear, it's not likely. When I posted it on Facebook, many people commented how their children would more likely hold their sibling down for the nurse! But I can dream, right?!

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