The unofficial count is in, Custer County says Sasse for Senator and McCoy for governor

The first wave of numbers have been counted, in Custer County the vote for Senator went as follows: Republicans, Clifton R. Johnson - 26; Shane Osborn - 459; Sid Dinsdale - 488; Ben Sasse - 1,283; Bart McLeay - 118. Democrats, Larry Marvin - 162 and Dave Domina - 213. No Libertarians were on the ballot for the primary. In the Governor's race: Republicans, Tom Carlson - 122; Beau McCoy - 817; Jon Bruning - 587; Mike Foley - 332; Pete Ricketts - 463; and Bryan Slone - 49. Democrats, Chuck Hassebrook - 370. Libertarians, Mark G. Elworth Jr. - 1. The Race for County Supervisor District 1 between Richard Hodson and Bobby Myers is split by only one vote - Hodson had 139 and Myers 140. For Register of Deeds, Kelly Jacobsen - 579; Rhonda Haynes 282 -; and Connie Carroll 1,425. According to Custer County Clerk Connie Gracey, the tallys at this time are strictly unofficial. There are still approximately 50 ballots left to count from those who voted absentee, and those ballots declared provisional. See this week's Chief for more details on Tuesday's primary election.