Update: Bow Wind Project ahead of schedule

So far, so good.The Broken Bow Wind Project now has 36 of the 50 towers ‘topped off’ which means the towers are up, generators are up and the blades are attached. According to site manager Bart Richardson, the remaining 14 are expected to be finished by Aug. 15.Once all of the wind towers are topped, next comes the wiring, general alignment and mechanical completion. It is hoped that the electricalinfrastructure will be ready to go by the second week of September. At that point they will be ready to energize.“It’s not idling the car. To test the towers you have to have some place to dump the power. It’s the nature of the beast,” said Richardson.The target date to have the towers up and running is Nov. 30. A formal dedication will be scheduled for next spring. The $145 million windproject is owned and operated by Edison Mission Group and when online will be capable of generating up to approximately 80 megawatts of electricity, enough energy to meet the needs of about 25,000 homes.The towers run along a ridgeline, north and northeast of Broken Bow.Broken Bow Wind, LLC., occupies approximately 14,000 acres of land. Once the project is online, it is expected to generate 10 permanent jobs in the Broken Bow area. There are more 100 individuals working onsite during construction.