All aboard the Polar Express!

On December 14, the Anselmo-Merna junior kindergarten boarded the “train” to visit the “North Pole”! Actually, the yellow school bus was loaded up and everyone was strapped into their car seats, as the group of students and teachers set out to visit the Hardy residence in Anselmo. Even though the children did not get to officially ride the Polar Express, the trip was just as formal as that in the story. The children received tickets that were punched prior to boarding the train, got to listen to some very cheery Christmas music, and were read the book The Polar Express. Encouraging the students to hear the sound of the bell was not difficult, as they were all so excited for this unexpected trip. Once they arrived at the “North Pole” a surprise visitor, Santa Claus, met the children! The group toured the exhibits, visited with Santa, and of course had many questions to ask Mr. C. They found out that Mrs. Claus was at home with a cold, the reindeer were grazing at an alfalfa bale in a pasture a couple miles away, and that the elves were fast at work making toys for the soon approaching Christmas night. As the children boarded the “train” for the very last time they were handed a bell. Each of them tested their gift and knew that if they could hear the wonderful sound that the bell made, they were true believers of Santa Claus. A special thanks to Patty Winchester, Don Hardy, Joe Lamb, and Howard Gaffney!