Anyone for a Brew????

Guest Blogger Nate is the creator of the Nebraska Beer Blog, which keeps people all over the state current on craft beer news. Nate also is part owner in Brew Bums, a homebrew supply store in Ansley, NE.

Saturday August 6th will be a day that will be remembered by us here at the Nebraska Beer Blog. That was the day we released our first collaboration beer with Nebraska Brewing Company and kicked off our series of unique beers that will be brewed with what we hope to be every brewery in the state of Nebraska.

To say we were nervous about this is an understatement. Right out of the gate we decided to go strange with our beer formulation and created a hibiscus, rose hips and honey French saison. We could have taken this and played it safe but Tyson really wanted to push the envelope on the hibiscus and boy were we all glad he did. This beer was wonderful and really created a beer that I have never had before nor seen before. I know there are other hibiscus beers out there but I don't believe there are any with this much in it. The beer produced a nice rose colored drink with a wonderful rose colored head. The aroma had many hints of red wine. It drank very smooth with some nice acidity to it, further making you think that you are drinking wine. It finished very dry, which is what we wanted and begged you to have another glass. I look forward to brewing this beer at home again and I know that the guys at Nebraska Brewing Company may look at ways to brew it again too, maybe even put it into barrels. That would be great!

The turn out was wonderful and just what we want this series to be. We want you to have another reason to check out our great breweries and what beer can be. The blog and Nebraska Brewing Company want to thank you all for coming out.

Nick and I would like to thank Nebraska Brewing Company for letting us invade their space and time and brew up this beer. It was a lot of fun and a big success in my mind. Thanks again! Stay tuned for our next adventure and if you have beer ideas send them our way and we may work them into the rotation.

Speaking of which - OUR NEXT ADVENTURE - Come celebrate the release of Gottberg IPA, a collaboration beer brewed between Gottberg Brewery in Columbus and the Nebraska Beer Blog. Nate Bell, Nick Spies, Dan Hodges and Jeremy Kirby created a beer with tons of hop flavor and aroma with some of the hops sourced from... right here in Nebraska.

We will be serving another collaboration beer in Broken Bow December 20th at the Bonfire Grill. It is Gottberg IPA, a beer brewed with Gottberg Brewery in Columbus. So get down to the Bonfire on the 20th and try another creation from the Nebraska Beer Blog.