Arcadia fire serves a purpose

ARCADIA -- The building needed to come down and the department wanted the training ... With that in mind, on April 7 the community of Arcadia had a house fire, and all for a good cause. With the house on Main Street gone, Arcadia can now make way for a new fire hall. “It was amazing to watch,” said Fire Board President Steve Kaps. “I couldn’t believe how long it took to get everything out and then how long it took to put everything back.” Arcadia’s Rural Fire Protection District currently houses their trucks and equipment in multiple buildings, with the trucks stacked several deep. The new fire hall plan calls for a building 68x 120 feet with three bays. “It will be able to hold everything, have a small rest room and a meeting room,” said Kaps. “It is something the community has needed for a very long time.” This Thursday the department will open the bids, with plans to go through the bids carefully over the next week or so. The house and land were donated land from Jim Trotter. “We’ve needed this for so long, it’s exciting to get this close to starting,” said Kaps. While the cost of the fire hall will be bonded, it does not require a public vote. There were no public objections during the public meeting last July nor have there been any objections voiced, said Kaps. “No one wants to see their taxes go up, they just know how badly this is needed.” In order to get the property ready the house needed to be removed, and to assist the Loup City Fire Department supplied a pumper truck, with the water gun on this truck being used to ensure the safety of the Arcadia Service Center which sits a few feet away from the house. The Arcadia Fire Department also put into use a wall of water for additional safety. The crowds turned out, said Kaps, to watch the successful burn. To see more pictures and to follow the progress of the fire hall, go to the Arcadia Volunteer Fire and Rescue page on Facebook.