Bain case handed to the jury

The jury trial for Tyler C. Bain, 31, finally began this week, with jury selection starting Monday morning. It was standing room only as around 70 potential jurors crowded into the Custer County District courtroom. By 12:30 p.m., the jury of nine women and three men, with both a male and female alternate, had been selected. When court reconvened after lunch, each attorney gave their opening statement to the jury.During opening remarks, the attorneys - John Marsh, special prosecutor for the state, and Steven Potter, attorney for the defendant - outlined for the jury what they would hear over the next few days, and what they believed their evidence will show. Marsh told the jury it was his intent to prove the allegations of physical and sexual assault by Bain on his ex-wife Kari Bain, now known as Kari Manning.Potter, on the other hand, told the jury he believes his evidence will show that the evidence presented just does not match the story the alleged victim is giving. He maintains that Manning made up the story of abuse to cover up the fact that she was driving drunk and wrecked a pickup co-owned by the two.Over the past three days the jury has heard a number of witnesses for both sides, and been presented with a great deal of evidence. They have also heard testimony from both the alleged victim and the defendant, who opted to take the stand in his behalf. The case was given to the jury for deliberation at 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon. We will post the verdict here as soon as it is reached.