BBHS alum comes home to practice

Julie Lindstrom says she has known since she was in grade school that she wanted to be a doctor. Now more than 20 years since she graduated from high school, she has come full circle and will soon be practicing medicine in the same clinic where she grew up watching her dad practice. As a doctor’s daughter (her parents are Dr. Loren and Cleo Jacobsen of Broken Bow), making a career in the medical field seems a likely choice. Julie says she spent her teen years working in her dad’s clinic, mainly filing and answering the phones. She figured out that was not the end of the business she wanted to work in long-term, but says she is glad she had the experience. After graduating from Broken Bow High School in 1987, Julie went to undergraduate school at Wesleyan University for a year before transferring to UNL. She graduated with her bachelor of science degree from UNL in December 1992, and started medical school in Des Moines, Iowa in 1994 - doing some graduate work in between. After completing med school in 1998, Julie did her residency in Lincoln until graduating in May 2001. Her first job was in Holdrege, home town of her husband, Jack. The couple lived in Holdrege for three years, where Julie did family practice and Jack worked with his brother. In 2004, the couple moved to Kearney and Jack got into insurance. Julie says they enjoyed living in Kearney, and she spent the next 6 1/2 years establishing relationships with her patients. However, when it came time for their daughters to go to school, Julie and Jack made the mutual decision to move to a smaller community. Moving back to Broken Bow was a thought Julie had toyed with a number of times in the past, and says she had even been approached about coming into the Central Nebraska Medical Clinic practice. But the right job opportunity never came along for Jack at the same time, so they waited. This time that opportunity did come. Jack has joined Nate and Mike Bell at Universal Insurance. “His other job is he hunts,” Julie laughs. The couple has two daughters; Anna is 8 and in second grade, and Sara is 7 and in 1st grade. The family moved to town in time for the girls to start school here last week. Julie says she did a lot of obstetrics work while in Kearney, and while she enjoyed that it gave her little time with her family. She is looking forward to the more small-town family practice she will have the opportunity to do here in Broken Bow. “I like getting to know my patients and taking care of the whole family,” she explains. “It just makes medicine more interesting.” Julie says it was hard to leave her patients in Kearney to move on to a new job, “but they all understood why I was leaving.” She says she is also excited about getting to work in the new Jennie Melham hospital. “It is just a beautiful facility.” The family oriented atmosphere is what drew Julie and Jack to living here to raise their family. “Everyone has been very cordial and nice, helping me get settled,” Julie says. She will begin practice at Central Nebraska Medical Clinic Sept. 1. The Broken Bow Country Club will host a meet and greet for Julie and Jack to give area citizens a chance to meet the couple Sept. 16.