Bomberger passionate about VA job

Linda Bomberger is a lady on a mission. As a matter of fact, she has spent the better part of her life on a mission, first for the U.S. Navy and now as the Custer County Veterans Administrator. Bomberger feels she has been blessed, and she is driven to do the best she can for those who served their country. She too is a veteran, entering the service at the end of the Viet Nam conflict. She served from 1974-1995 retiring as a Command Master Chief, one of only 13 females in the Navy to have reached that rank at the time of her retirement. Her duty assignment was yeoman. She was a master trainer, counselor, curriculum writer and problem solver, much the same as she does now, she said. “I’m very blessed to be able to do what I do now.” Bomberger is the area Veterans Service Officer. “I call it the Santa Claus office,” she added. Her job is to help veterans throughout Custer, Blaine and Loup counties, their spouses, children, and sometimes their widows, apply for needed benefits. She says she is surprised at how many people do not realize they are veterans, especially females, those who served in peacetime. She said that out of all of the states, Nebraska ranks fifth in its ability to obtain benefits for its veterans. “They (the Veteran’s Administration Regional Office) work hard to obtain benefits for their veterans.” Viet Nam veterans, especially have had a number of benefits added. “Benefits are always changing so if you are a veteran and have never been in, or it has been a long time since you have been in, stop by.”