Bow gets new public bus

The residents of Broken Bow and surrounding area now have access to a new mode of transportation - thanks to a generous donation from the Public Alliance for Community Energy. ACE is distributing $4,333.04 to the City of Broken Bow as its share of $200,000 being distributed to the 69 Nebraska member communities of the not-for-profit, community-owned natural gas supplier. This year the City opted to use a large portion of those funds to help purchase a new bus, much larger than the van the City has been using. The new city bus went into use last week. The ACE board of directors may return any excess revenue beyond the cost of operating the organization to its member communities. ACE returned $150,000 to its member communities last year. Since forming in 1998, ACE has returned more than $1 million back to its Nebraska members. The funds are used in various ways to benefit each ACE member community. "As a community-owned and not-for-profit natural gas supplier, ACE is a win-win forNebraska communities and natural gas consumers," said Tim Sutherland, director of retail utility services for ACE,. "ACE was created by Nebraska communities to ensure competition in the Choice Gas program. As a bonus, the ACE board has the authority to return funds above the cost of operation to benefit Nebraska ACE member communities. ACE has been beneficial to Nebraskans for 15 years." Since the reimbursement program began, the City of Broken Bow has received nearly $23,000 back from ACE to the municipal utilities. The Choice Gas selection period is set to begin April 12 and run through April 25. Selections may be made online through April 25 using ACE's Website (www.ACEenergy. org) or by phone at (800) 454-4759. Selection forms will be mailed out to all eligible customers prior to the beginning of the selection period. Guidelines for using the City BusService Area and Hours: The City of Broken Bow operates the bus as a service to the residents of Broken Bow and Custer County. Bus hours of operation are normally 8 a.m. to noon, and 1-5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and Friday till noon. There will be no bus service on the following City holidays: * Afternoon of New Years Eve * New Years Day * Independence Day * Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday * Afternoon of Christmas Eve * Christmas Day * Veteran’s Day * President’s Day * Labor Day * Memorial Day * Columbus DayService Schedule The area service schedule is as follows: ~ Monday: Ansley, Berwyn, Mason City, Westerville and Broken Bow ~ Tuesday: Comstock, Gates, Sargent, Weissert and Broken Bow ~ Wednesday: Callaway, Oconto and Broken Bow ~ Thursday: Merna, Anselmo, Arnold and Broken Bow ~ Friday: Broken Bow This service is available curb-to-curb for all persons in Custer County. Those persons living in rural areas outside of communities listed on the schedule may receive service on the day scheduled for the community located closest to their residence.Scheduling & Canceling: The City requests that riders schedule their rides a day in advance by calling 308-872-6609. Although the City Bus will try to accommodate unscheduled requests for service, the City can not guarantee there will be room or time for unscheduled pickups. The City would also appreciate it if cancellations were made as far in advance as possible so that time slot is available for another rider. Riders using wheelchairs should notify the service at the same time they schedule the pickup. Those riders who need assistance after exiting the bus are required to have someone accompany them to provide such assistance. The City’s drivers are not allowed to enter residences or other buildings to assist riders.Pick-up & Drop-off: To insure service availability to the public, drivers will wait five minutes at the pickup location for the rider. After five minutes, the rider will be classified as a “no show” and the driver will move on to the next pickup. A rider who is a “no show” on three occasions within a 30 day period will not be eligible to receive further City Bus service for the next 90 days.Rider Responsibilities: The public is reminded that the City Bus is not an ambulance service, moving company or Taxi. Riders needing assistance to enter or exit the bus are responsible for providing someone to assist them. Riders are expected to be courteous to the drivers and staff on the bus and on the telephone. Drivers will not transport riders who are argumentative, intoxicated, verbally or physically abusive, or present a health risk to others. No smoking is allowed on the City Bus. The City reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply: 1st offense - one week, 2nd offense - two weeks, 3rd offense - indefinite. Riders who are refused service for any reason may lose their use of the service indefinitely. It is believed citizens may have the misconception that the bus is only for handicapped or elderly individuals, but that is not the case. The City Clerk’s office also wants to remind citizens in the area that the bus is for ALL residents of Custer County, not just Broken Bow. For more information on how to utilize the City Bus services please call 872-6609.