Bow students benefit from generous gift

Thanks to the combined effort of three local civic organizations, some special needs students at Broken Bow Schools will be able to received some very special - and much needed - exercise. Ann Kujath, life skills teacher at BBPS, approached the three groups - the Lions, the Elks and the Knights of Columbus - about the project more than a year ago. At a cost of $2,500, the suspension walker was not in the school's budget. And the three groups were more than happy to help. This week, 13-year-old Jennifer Bopp of Westerville, smiles as she uses the device. In fact, her teachers says she likes it so much they have a hard time getting her back out of it! Confined to a wheel chair, the suspension walker allows Jenn the ability to stand up and hold her head up, something she has not been able to do on her own for a long time. Jenn suffered from spinal meningitis when she was just 14-months-old. This device helps her strengthen her leg and neck muscles in an attempt to gradually become more mobile. Jenn uses the device for 15 minutes each day. However, Jenn will not be the only Broken Bow student to benefit from the suspension walker. A student who needs strengthening in a particular area, for example an injured leg, can use the device to exercise that area. The instructors work closely with local physical therapists to provide the maximum benefit to the students with the walker. Kujath says she is very grateful to the Lions, Elks and Knights of Columbus for their efforts in making this machine a reality for these special Broken Bow students