Bow welcomes One Box Pheasant Hunters

As you make your way around Broken Bow this weekend, you're likely to notice lots of individuals dressed in camouflage as the community welcomes hunting enthusiasts from all across the U.S. for the 51st Annual One Box Pheasant Hunt. There will be eight teams competing in this year’s event for the third time in the event’s 51 years, said Thomas McCaslin, event chair. “The momentum is there. There will be lots of good shooters competing.” Each team consists of five shooters, two guides, a judge and a dog handler. The judge scores the shots fired and keeps track of the birds. Unrecovered birds are counted as a miss. The winning team is the one who brings in the most birds. Each team is given one box of 25 shotgun shells to work with. The hunt ends when the daily bag is reached or the 25th shell has been fired, whichever comes first. In case of a tie, the victor is decided by time. “In addition to the eight teams and their families, there are 70 past shooters who are still involved,” said Thomas. Thomas emphasized the importance of the community in everything being offered over the weekend, and pointed out that all the moneys the One Box Pheasant Hunt generates goes back into the communities. This year the Foundation will reach the $250,000 mark in moneys returned in scholarships, and community support, since the Foundation’s start in 1981. The schedule of events for the weekend includes a banquet both Friday night and Saturday night, and the Ladies Luncheon Saturday. Good luck hunters, and welcome to Broken Bow!