BREAKING NEWS: Dubas withdraws from Governor's race

LINCOLN - State Senator Annette Dubas announced her withdrawal from the Nebraska Governor's race this morning. Following is the text of her announcement.Text of Remarks:Two months ago I announced my candidacy for Governor.I stood on a flat-bed truck at our farm outside of Fullerton, surrounded by my husband, children and grandchildren.I spoke that day about the Nebraska values I was raised with: faith, patriotism, hard work, and most importantly - family.And today, it is with my family in mind that I announce that I am withdrawing as a candidate for Nebraska Governor.While my belief in this candidacy, and what I stood for, never wavered, it became apparent to me that campaign life was taking its toll on me and my family.We were fully committed to running a successful campaign that was focused on people.But even with our best laid plans it became harder and harder to continue to attend to family matters, serve my legislative constituents and campaign for Governor.So something had to give.I have no regrets about my run for Governor.I am sincerely sorry for letting down those who have supported my candidacy by committing their time and financial resources.Your outpouring of support and encouragement touched my heart and gave me the motivation to go out each day and work hard on the campaign trail.As with many experiences in life one can never fully prepare for or understand the demands until it becomes a reality.Families play such an integral part in any campaign.The higher the office the more the demands on time, energy, financial resources and emotions.But I want all my supporters to know that this effort was not in vain and over the past 8 weeks we raised important issues.I told you I was never afraid of hard work or tackling difficult issues.That was demonstrated by my decision to speak out for marriage equality.Thank you to the countless people who shared how they were touched by my brother’s experience and my own journey toward acceptance.Nebraska is a great place to live but we must make sure it is that way for all citizens.We must ensure that citizens with disabilities and their families are treated with respect and receive the services they need which allow them self-respect and the ability to be contributing members of their communities.Foster families need our gratitude, support and the resources to take care of children who need a soft place to land when their lives are in turmoil.We also must do what we can when possible to help put families back together in a timely manner.By investing dollars sooner, whether it is in early childhood education or prevention and mental health services, we will see a much greater return on our investment and stronger families and communities.My exit from this race does not mean I am any less committed to these and other important issues facing Nebraskans.I will continue to work hard in the next legislative session to address concerns surrounding property taxes and how they impact all hard working Nebraskans.I will work to move Medicaid expansion forward.And I will work to fix ACCESS Nebraska so that state employees can work efficiently and compassionately to help people like my friend's 90 year old mother who is blind and disabled.We have a lot of work to do and I look forward to continuing to lead.Thank you again to my supportive husband and family, all of my friends, my colleagues, my campaign and legislative staff and everyone else who gave so generously to this campaign.I will never be able to fully convey my gratitude.