BREAKING NEWS: Fugitive captured

Though it was firmly believed he was long gone from the area, folks in the area still felt a bit uneasy at the thought of a fugitive on the loose in their neighborhood. People across a number of states can now breathe a collective sigh of relief with the announcement that Lloyd Emer Tabor III has been captured. Tabor made his way from Missouri to the Sandhills of Nebraska over Easter weekend, after escaping from custody in Missouri. Tabor was being held in Missouri on 10 felony and two misdemeanor charges, and escaped from custody while being treated in a Springfield, Mo., hospital Feb. 22. It is believed that following his escape he first went to Arizona, where he has a relative, and from there to South Dakota. Tabor allegedly stole a truck in South Dakota and drove to Nebraska, where he abandoned the stolen vehicle near the Shinn Turkey Ranch at Dunning. The Nebraska State Patrol, along with local authorities in Thomas and Blaine Counties, began searching for Tabor March 29. An abandoned vehicle believed to have been stolen by Tabor in rural Thomas County was found near North Platte March 31. The Daily Record in Lebanon, Mo., reports that Tabor was apprehended by bounty hunters in Springfield, Mo. last Wednesday, April 10.