Broken Bow to have new mayor, official election results verified

Staff Writer

The official results are in and Broken Bow will have a new mayor.

The official numbers as stated by the Custer County Clerk's off Friday Nov. 8, 2018 are

Jon Berghorst 535
Cecil Burt Jr. 508
Tony Snyder 110

Unofficial results Tuesday night showed Burt relected with 502 votes and Berghorst second with 365.

Custer County Clerk Constance Gracey emphasized that the results are unofficial until verified by the canvasing board which happened yesterday.

Gracey said she is "very satisfied" that everything was done correctly.

Gracey stated that there were nine village races and 31 township races plus the City of Broken Bow, specifically the Mayor's Race and the West Ward, that had write-in candidates. Ballots with write-in must be counted by hand. Correct amounts for write-ins for Broken Bow were recorded however were not included in the tally. "Everything was there," Gracey said.

When unofficial results were released Tuesday night, several write-in and provisional ballots were not included as well.

The adjusted totals do not warrant a recount, Gracey said. For a recall the difference must in 1 percent or less. In Broken Bow, that would be five votes or less.

The Chief will have more information if and when it becomes available.