Broken Bow man wins Kearney half marathon

During the normal work week, Broken Bow's Todd Vlieger earns his paycheck working at Arrow Seed. It's what he did this past weekend, however that will have people talking.On June 9, Vlieger won the Kearney half marathon with a time of -. A half marathon is exactly 13.1 miles. In some distance races, the final stretch can be the worst of the race. That wasn't the case here."After running the 13 miles, the .1 isn't so bad," Vlieger said. "It's just an extra little bit."Vlieger attended high school in Mitchell, South Dakota before walking on the track and cross country teams at South Dakota State. He now runs six or seven days a week and trains "fairly regularly" for races such as the one on Saturday.It isn't just half marathons that Vlieger participates in. He likes to switch up the distances every once in awhile."I've done anything from 5k up to a marathon," Vlieger said. "I've done two marathons and three or four half marathons. When i train, I run that far anyway, so it's not a huge stretch for me."Vlieger adjusts his training schedule around town according to what type of race he is planning on running.While Vlieger never earned a scholarship or became an All-American, he steadily improved throughout his career at South Dakota State. Track and cross country were just something for him to get involved in after high school."t was a really great experience and it's something that I wouldn't changeit for anything," Vlieger said.While Vlieger trains for races like the Kearney half marathon, this isn't a race he was necessarily planning on winning."I'm doing a fall marathon here soon, so that's the one I'm really going after," Vlieger said. "I wasn't really training specifically for this race, but it's still pretty similar training. I definitely wasn't expecting to win, but I was still pretty happy with it."Vlieger will return to South Dakota for his next race called "Run Crazy Horse" in September. It's a full marathon that will start at the Crazy Horse Monument.