Broken Bow sheds a new light

Broken Bow is about to be a little brighter when the sun goes down. It will be installing 550 new street lights through a energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant. The $189,580 grant has a $27,916 city match that the city feels it will recover in just a couple of years in electricity alone. By replacing the current street lights with LED (Light emitting Diode) lights, there will be an estimated savings of 201,000 kilowatts per year, which equates to approximately $10,000 in electricity. An added factor is their expected life span. Where the old city lights had to be replaced every couple of years, the new LED lights are expected to last 14-15 years, saving replacement costs and manpower. LED lights just don’t degrade over time as the old bulbs did. “The lights will be different,” noted Doug Staab, city utility superintendent. “The output will be the same, but the beam will be more spread out.” Installation started Monday on 10th Street followed by the business district. Installation through the residential areas will follow.