Broken Bow Track Competes at St. Paul

Results from the St. Paul Invite Area schools with participants placing no worse that 6thMens results1. Hastings St. Cecilia-126.002. Ord-120.003. Broken Bow-81.004. St. Paul-71.005. Minden-48.006. Ravenna- 46.007. Centura-2.008. Minden Girls-0.00High Jump4. Jordan Lemburg- Broken Bow-5'6''6. Zack Jones-Broken Bow-5'4''Triple Jump3. Jordan Lemburg-Broken Bow- 38'4 1/2''Long Jump1.Alex White-Broken Bow-20'10 1/2''3. Hunter Campbell- Broken Bow- 19' 6 1/2''6. Zack Jones- Broken Bow- 18' 3''400 meter dash1. Alex White-Broken Bow-53.50110 meter hurdlesTanner Briggs-Broken Bow-16.09300 meter interm hurdles5. Austin Roach-Broken Bow-47.80200 meter dash3. Alex White-Broken Bow-22.934x400 meter relay3. Alex White, Tanner Briggs, Hunter Campboll, Nate Evans- Broken Bow- 47.19Women's results1. Ord-124.002. Hastings St. Cecilia-116.003. Minden- 81.004. St. Paul- 80.005. Broken Bow- 61.006. Centura- 56.007. Ravenna- 6.008. Minden- 0.004x400 meter relay6. Brittany Leverington, Kelsie Myers, Jasmyn Brooks, Taylor Pearson-Broken Bow- 57.454x1600 meter relay4. Krisha Scott, Kelsie Myers, Halie Jones, Taylor Pearson-Broken Bow- 4:31.181600 meter run1. Shannon Myers-Broken Bow-5:52.50100 meter dash4. Jasmyn Brooks-Broken Bow-13.59100 meter hurdles2. Brittany Leverington-Broken Bow-17.38High jump6. Julia Loy-Broken Bow- 4'6''Shot Put5. Tressa Ripp-Broken Bow-31'10''Pole Vault6. Ashley Holcomb-Broken Bow-5'8''Long Jump4. Jasmyn Brooks-Broken Bow-14'2''200 meter dash5. Taylor Pearson-Broken Bow-28.79800 meter run1.Krisha Scott-Broken Bow-2:34.10300 meter low hurdles2.Brittany Leverington-Broken Bow-51.50