Broncos place eleven wrestlers for team championship at home

MULLEN -- Four LVC teams competed at the Mullen Bronco Invitational Saturday. Mullen was the team champion at their home event as they claimed four first place medals to lead all teams. Mullen’s Nick Licking was announced as the Outstanding Wrestler. Results for area wrestlers who placed in the top for are as follows: Team results: 1, Mullen 164. 2, North Platte St. Pat’s 129.5. 3, Bridgeport 120. 4, Sutherland 113.5. 5, Anselmo-Merna 84. 6, Ansley/Arcadia 80. 7, SMC 44. 8, Sandhills/Thedford 34. 9, North Central 25. 10, Hyannis 20.Individual results: 103-2nd, Tommy Roth, Ansley/Arcadia. 4th, Dalton Zimmerman, Mullen. 112-3rd, Kory Phillips, Mullen. 4th, Riley Ryan, Ansley/Arcadia. 119-2nd, Jon Musser, Mullen. 125-2nd, Brady Masters, Ansley/Arcadia. 4th, Brinnon Shukei, Sandhills/Thedford. 130-1st, Jared Simonson, Mullen. 135-1st, Nate McFadden, Sandhills/Thedford. 4th, Trent Porath, Mullen. 140-1st Jake Wells, Anselmo-Merna. Tjade Rodocker, Sandhills/Thedford. 145-3rd, Jarod Spurlin, Mullen. 152-1st, Cotlon Rush, Anselmo-Merna. 4th, Chance Giles, Sandhills/Thedford. 160-1st, Stuart Hircock, Ansley/Arcadia. 4th, Kyle Huhman, Anselmo-Merna. 171-1st, Tyrell Wilson, Mullen. 189-1st, Nick Licking, Mullen. 2nd, Colten Fales, Anselmo-Merna. 3rd, Gary Payne, Sandhills/Thedford. 215-2nd, Joe Gregory, Ansley/Arcadia. 4th, James Starr, Mullen. 285-1st, Charles Kramer, Mullen. 2, Kody Kramer, Mullen. 3rd, Clinten Fales, Anselmo-Merna.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elwood InviteTeam results (Top 5): 1, Maxwell 209. 2, Cambridge 147. 3, S-E-M 139.5. 4, South Loup 89.5. 5, Kearney Catholic 73.Individual results: 112-3rd, Wyatt Eggleston, South Loup. 125-4th, Michael Larreau, South Loup. 130-3rd, Brandon Peterson, South Loup. 135-2nd, Cale Eacker, SEM. 4th, Clint Fauss, South Loup. 140-1st, Austin Fauss, South Loup. 3rd, Calvin Frerichs, SEM 145-1st, John Frerichs, SEM. 2nd, Logan Glendy, South Loup. 152-2nd, Traven Claflin, SEM. 160-4th, Austin Pierce, SEM. 171-2nd, Zach Burden, SEM. 189-1st, Collin Donahoo, SEM. 4th, Ty Pearson, South Loup. 215-Cy Barnes, SEM.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ravenna InviteTeam results (Top 5): 1, Wood River 242.5. 2, Amherst 177.5. 3, Sargent/ Burwell 114.5. 4, Ravenna 99. 5, Loomis/Bertrand 79.Individual results: 103-1st, Evan Gideon, Sargent/Burwell. 3rd, Jacobi Spencer, Sargent/Burwell. 112-3rd, Justin Miller, Sargent/Burwell. 119-2nd, Kirby Pomplun, Sargent/Burwell. 135-4th, Cody Cassidy, Sargent/Burwell. 145-4th, Sage Gideon, Sargent/Burwell. 285-3rd, Dakota Divine, Sargent/Burwell.