Buck Moon wins Custer Classic

Buck Moon left the Custer County Fairgrounds Monday as a winner. He won the short round with an 88 point ride, and put an 80 point ride onto the scoreboard in the long go. He was the only rider to put two qualified rides together for the evening. This the 14th year for the Custer County Classic Bull Riding to be featured as a staple for the Custer County Fair."I've been coming since I was 16, so it was about time," said Buck after the awards presentation. "And did you see Rowdy? Didn't he do an awesome job ... he sure can read those bulls." Rowdy is Buck's little brother and was one of the bull fighters for the evening. Those in the money include:Long Round:1. Travis Smith, West Plains, Mo., 85 points - $8402. Bart Miller, Oshkosh, 84 points - $6303. TIE Levi Stepp, Pierce, and Cody White, Choctaw, Okla., 82 points - $315 eachShort Round:1. Buck Moon, Taylor, 88 points - $1400Average1. Buck Moon, Taylor 168 on 2 - $10502. Travis smith, West Plains, Mo., 85 on 1 - $8753. Bart Miller, Oshkosh, 84 on 1 - $8754. TIE Levi Stepp, Pierce, and Cody White, Choctaw, Okla., 82 on 1 - $385 each6. Danny Schlobohm, Lincoln, 73 on 1 - $175For more on this year's Custer County Fair, and pictures of the Custer County Classic see this week's Custer County Chief.