CCSO seeks public help finding mailbox vandals

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information in three incidents of damaged mail boxes over the weekend of Dec. 10. Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond says two of the vandalized mail boxes were located on Ryno Road, and both had been beaten with a deer leg. The deer leg was then left in one of the mail boxes. The other report of a vandalized mail box was on Meyers Road, but it is unclear at this time whether that incident is related to the Ryno Road vandalism. There were also reports of vandalized mail boxes last month, when pumpkins were smashed into a number of mail boxes. Sheriff Osmond reminds the public that vandalism to mail boxes, which are government property, is a serious offense. If you have any information on any of these incidents, please contact the Custer County Sheriff’s Office at 308-872-6424.