City Council approves 15 minute parking stall at Smoke Shack

The Smoke Shack in Broken Bow is about to get a new parking stall in front of its business. Mark Walker was present at the Monday morning Broken Bow City Council meeting to talk about the request.“I’m losing 40 percent of my business on Thursdays due to Farmer’s Market sellers parking there all day and I have the receipts to prove it,” explained Walker.There is a light post in front of his business that could easily accommodate the sign. He went on to say he has no objection to those who come to shop in the square because they come and go, and that one or two 15 minute slots would be a great help. The council approved the request, and arrangements will be made to make one of the stalls in front of the Smoke Shack a 15 minute parking stall.In other business the council approved a partial request from Paulsen Inc., for work completed on buffalo run/Arrowhead drive. The Council approved a payment of $114,975.77 which is approximately 75 percent of the total. The Council voted to hold back $40,000 of the $114,975.77 at the current time. Broken Bow Street Superintendent Monte Clark said there are existing problems which will require milling in addition to the overlay, and that there are driveways that also need repaired. Broken Bow City Manager Tony Tolstedt remarked that the drainage issues are also being attended to.In addition, the council approved an inter-local agreement on the Broken Bow Air Port, contingent on the Custer County Board of Supervisors also approving the agreement. Under the agreement, the city of Broken Bow and the county each agree to provide one half of the total tax requirement. The tax requirement for 2012-2013 is $26,000. Each entity, if the inter-local is approved, would pay $13,000. The Custer County Board of Supervisor’s has this request on its July 10 agenda. For more on the July 9 meeting of the Broken Bow City Council and the Custer County Board of Supervisors see this week’s Custer County Chief.