City council opts to sell South 5th land

The Broken Bow City Council has decided the time has finally come to sell a piece of city property adjacent to the South 5th ball field. Council president Scott Spanel says the sale of the property has been discussed for several years. The property, consisting of 1.69 acres, will be sold as one piece, not in separate parcels as had been previously requested by homeowners whose property butts up against the land. City Manager Tony Tolstedt said any homeowners interested in purchasing the property would be responsible for dividing it up, taking that burden off of the city. The 2.4 acres that includes the ball field will be kept as a park and maintained by the city. The Council also approved an ordinance establishing a 15-minute parking stall in front of the Smoke Shack. The Council voted to waive the three readings of the ordinance and approved the parking spot closest to the alley for 15-minute parking. Dan Zach presented the Council with an update of the city’s finances for the first three-fourths of the year. The budget review shows that the city is currently $8,629 under budget in general operating fund, and $116,467 under budget for total operating costs. The review shows the total infrastructure expense at $507,687 under budget for the first nine months. However, Zach reminded the Council that the busy months for some of the infrastructure, such as the swimming pool and parks, are not included in this review so those numbers will change by the end of the year. “The first nine months look good. The departments are really holding to their budgets at this point,” said Zach.