Commissioners approve Halsey-Purdum road race

THEDFORD - - The Thomas County Commissioners approved a proposal to conduct an open road race on the Halsey-Purdum road at a meeting Dec. 6. Blaine County Commissioners endorsed the event in their November meeting. The "Loup 2 Loup Open Road Race" will be held Aug. 9, 2012, and is an addition to the 12th annual Sandhills Open Road Challenge scheduled for Aug. 11. A grid of 50 cars will compete in three speed classes with the goal of finishing closest to pre-determined course times. More than 50 Thomas and Blaine county residents have volunteered to help in preparing for and conducting the event. Thedford rancher Lemoyne Dailey chairs an eight-member race committee comprised of local residents "Red" Christensen, Carl Leach, Dave Masek, Brenda Masek, Al Atkins, Tom Witte, and Tim Henry. The event is limited to SORC veteran drivers and is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. near the Halsey school. Cars will race 14 miles to Purdum at one minute intervals, where they will pause to await the arrival of the last car before completing the 12 mile return. Winners will be recognized at the SORC awards dinner Aug. 11 at the Arnold City Park. More information can be found at