Cosmos competes in North Platte

NORTH PLATTE-- The Broken Bow Cosmos swim team was in action last week at the North Platte Invite. It was a successful day in the pool for multiple athletes. Alyssa Cyboron took first place honors in the 50 meter backstroke and fifth in both the 50 meter breast stroke and freestyle. Kassidy Cyboron was the runner-up in the 100 free and fourth in the under 50 free. Blake Denson finished third in both the Under 100 free and Under 50 free. Chay Nelson won the 200 breaststroke, was the runner-up in the 200IM and 100 fly and placed fourth in the 100 breaststroke. Natalya Nelson was the champion in both the Under 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke. Nelson also added a third-place finish in the 50 breaststroke. Jett Petit placed fourth in the Under 200 free. Aaron Staab was the runner-up in the 100 breaststroke, third in both the 100 free and 200 free and fourth in the Over 50 free. Matthew Pracht placed third in the Under 200 free. Individual results from the North Platte Invite are as follows:GirlsElizabeth Cramer (9-10)8th- 50 Free 40.608th- 100 Back 2:13.207th- 100 Free 1:34.926th- 100 Breast 2:33.385th- 200 Free 3:40.25Alyssa Cyboron5th- 50 Breast 1:20.215th- 50 Free 58.211st- 50 Back 1:00.18Kassidy Cyboron4th- 50 Free 1:17.922nd- 100 FreeTori Meschke9th- 100 Free 1:348th- 50 Free 38.257th- 50 Back 53.165th- 200 IM 4:03.874th- 200 Free 3:23.78Natalya Nelson6th- 50 Fly 49.623rd- 50 Breast 49.531st- 100 Breast 1:49.001st- 200 Breast 3:48.73Kendra Staab4th- 100 Fly 1:56.134th- 200 Free 3:12.23Kirsten Staab10th- 100 Free 1:34.346th- 50 Back 49.685th- 100 Back 1:50.23Jadyn Stover8th- 100 Breast 2:39.066th- 200 Free 3:47.42BoysJoshua Cyboron10th- 100 Free 1:51.479th- 50 Back 1:09.497th- 50 Breast 1:23.185th- 200 IM 5:21.59Blake Denson3rd- 100 Free 2:07.143rd- 50 Free 1:01.74Hunter Maynard8th- 50 Back 1:08.96Richard Nelson6th- 50 Free 38.144th- 100 Breast 1:41.362nd- 100 Fly 1:50.812nd- 200 IM 3:42.271st- 200 Breast 3:43.33Jett Petit10th- 50 Free 45.984th- 20 Free 4:34.86Matthew Pracht9th- 50 Free 43.319th- 100 Free 1:42.958th- 50 Fly 1:13.447th- 50 Back 1:08.473rd- 200 Free 4:20.86Aaron Staab4th- 50 Free 43.313rd- 200 Free 3:46.143rd- 100 Free 1:40.672nd- 100 Breast 1:56.23Tyler Staab5th- 50 Free 45.424th- 100 Breast 3:41.044th- 100 Free 1:49.21Griffin Wright5th- 50 Free 57.92