CPPD working to restore power in aftermath of April blizzard

Staff Writer

It's the goal of the Custer Public Power District to have power restored through out the region by tonight (Monday, April 16, 2018). "We're committed to having everybody back on, houses at least, with light by tonight," Rick Nelson, General Manager of Custer Public Power said in a phone interview Monday morning.

Areas that are still without power are around Anselmo, Gates, Taylor, Sargent, Litchfield, Callaway, south of Arnold and Stapleton.

Nelson said damage occurred when the rain on Friday started to freeze and the wind came up. The majority of the damage occurred Friday night, most likely between 4-7 p.m.

"We currently have 100 transmission poles on the ground west of Merna," Nelson said. "Probably well into over 100 poles from Stapleton to north of Taylor...I heard by Taylor, there are 25 line poles down."

Nelson said crews are just getting into some of the areas. The Ansley substation is back up and crews are working on Litchfield today. On Saturday, CPPD spent a lot of time chasing transmission problems. There were four or five substations without power at one time. "We got them on early Saturday afternoon," Nelson said.

He emphasized crews are working to restore power for everyone by Monday night.

Caution is urged for those who see or may be near downed lines. "If you see a downed line, consider it live. Consider it hot," Nelson said. Outages can be reported to 1-888-749-2453.