Date for BBPS recall election not set at special meeting Monday evening.

Staff Writer

The date for the recall election of two Broken Bow School board members, Carl French and J.B. Atkins, was not set during a special meeting as originally planned. The agenda listed Nov. 7, 2017, as the possible election date. However, during discussion. French said his attorney, hired personally by French, would be sending a letter to the school board. He suggested that the date not be set until the board had a chance to confer with their attorney.

French did not elaborate on what the letter contained. “I chose to not para-phase,” he said. “We’ll need legal council from the board attorney. This is a board decision, like every decision we make.”

Discussion centered on whether waiting until the next meeting, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18, to set the election date would fall within the parameters set by the Custer County Clerk.

Board member Pam Holcomb was ready to set the date. “I’d just as soon have this all over with,” she said. She made the motion to vote on Nov. 7 as the recall election date. The motion was seconded by Mary Shaw. In taking the vote, Holcomb and Shaw were the two Aye votes with Osmond, Atkins, Pirnie and French voting no.

The board could set Nov. 7 or Nov. 14 as the recall election date, pending the meeting next week.