District 25 thanks Cooksley for service

Finances and personnel were the key issues discussed at the Monday meeting of the Broken Bow Board of Education. The Board voted unanimously to approve the resignation of Dave Pruden, BBHS business teacher and head girls basketball coach, effective Dec. 20, 2010. Interim superintendent Dr. Virginia Moon declined to comment on the circumstances that led to Pruden's resignation. Dan Zach, of Dana F. Cole, presented the Board with the annual audit review, beginning by summarizing the steps taken in preparing the audit. Zach informed the Board that the District received a clean audit as of Aug. 31, 2010. Some of the figures Zach mentioned in reviewing the audit included the total general fund collected in the amount of $8,502,240. The budgeted amount for the year is $8,803,000, however receipts from the last quarter have yet to be added in to the amount collected. Zach noted this year's revenue is higher than the year before. The amount of total disbursements for the District as of Aug. 31, was $9,044,814, compared to the budgeted amount of $9,233,000 - about $190,000 under budget. "You have done well in the accounting department," Zach told the Board, noting that the school has had to replace long-time bookkeeper Sandy Eggleston this year, as well as added a whole new accounting system. "There are very few adjustments we had to make." The Board commended new bookkeeper Heather Nichols for doing such a good job in making the transition. Outgoing Board president Kevin Cooksley pointed out the fact that local property taxes fund only about 40 percent of the District's revenue. Cooksley also addressed his fellow Board members and the audience with some final thoughts and a thank you at his final meeting. He has served on the Broken Bow School Board for eight years, the last two as president. Dr. Moon presented Cooksley with a plaque in honor of his service to the District, and commented that it was his enthusiasm that convinced her to apply for the interim job here. "Kevin is a good role model for all of us in this room," said Dr. Moon. "He continues to remind us and educate us on the people who have woven the fabric of this country." Other items discussed or acted on at Monday's meeting included: *Amy Cyboron reported on behalf of the PTA, announcing the organization has been awarded a technology grant from the Custer County Foundation in the amount of $3,500. Cyboron says the group is working with elementary principal Kim Jonas to determine the best use of the funds. She also expressed to the Board that many elementary parents would like to see the return of Spring parent-teacher conferences. *Ken Myers was appointed to serve as the Broken Bow Board representative on the Custer County Cooperative Board, replacing Cooksley on that Board. Myers has previous experience with the Cooperative board during his service on the Gates school board. *Michelle Zlomke agreed to a nomination for the NASB Board of Directors Region Number 15. Cooksley is also the current representative. Zlomke told the Board there is an application process for the position, which she has already fulfilled. Region 15 encompasses the entire 43rd Legislative District. The Board then adjourned into closed session to begin negotiation on the new superintendent contract, discuss a personnel matter and discuss the interim superintendent evaluation. No action was taken by the Board when they reconvened from closed session. The next meeting of the Board will be Jan. 17, with a time yet to be determined.