District patrons urged to answer the call

All voters in the Broken Bow School District have an opinion, and the school board and administrators would like to hear them. Starting next week, all registered voters within School District 25 will begin receiving telephone survey calls. According to Broken Bow Superintendent Dr. Virginia Moon, the main goal of this survey is to find out what is important to the community in terms of the schools. “This is to help us know the hopes and wishes of the community as we move forward,” Dr. Moon explained. A series of questions will be asked of each caller, touching on a variety of school-related issues. Specific questions will also be asked about the school facilities. Dr. Moon says that while this survey may be a little more time consuming than typical telephone surveys, it is very important for all those called to take the time to answer all the questions. “When we have an opportunity, we want to ask as many questions as possible to get as much information as we can,” says Dr. Moon. Calls are scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 26. It is estimated it will take 6-10 days to complete all the survey calls. This telephone survey is completely anonymous - no names are asked for or given during the questioning. The goal is to get as many responses as possible, not to see who has what opinion. As the school board and administration look at building options to solve the growing lack of space issue facing the district, Dr. Moon says it is more important now than ever for everyone to offer input. “We want to make sure that what we put out there is a plan the community can support. Failed bond issues are not good for a community, and we have already had two.” The Broken Bow school district has 3,100 registered voters. Dr. Moon says she is hoping for about 400 completed surveys. “While that is an unusually high success rate, I believe this is an issue that everyone cares about,” she says. When you receive your call, the name M&R Data Collection will appear in your caller ID screen, and it will be a local number. Those who miss the telephone survey for one reason or another, can still weigh in with their opinions. Following the completion of the calling, the survey will be posted on the school’s website in its entirety, and can be accessed at www.bbps.org