Donate Life Month: In memory of 'Moose'

If you have driven by a large, beautiful, adobe-style building on the interstate at the Lincoln 27th Street exit, you've probably wondered what it was. It is the Kuck Motor-sport Collection. Gary and Susan Kuck, along with their son, Scott, have more than 35 years of collecting antique classic muscle cars and race cars, dating from 1906 to the present which they display in this beautiful building. Display is not the word for all the research and detail that have gone into their vignettes. This collection includes approximately 100 cars, a number that changes constantly. Some of the eye catchers include several Duesenbergs, movie and television cars like the bat mobile and Dukes of Hazard car, which were used in the shows, many extremely rare cars that you will not see anywhere else. The back drop for these vehicles are according to the time period of thevehicle. There is a drive-in movie, complete with car speakers and toys for the kids in front of the screen, just like the old days! There is a malt shop, store fronts for the Duesenbergs, a beautiful Victorian bar with pool and card tables, to name a few. You certainly don't have to be a car buff to enjoy this fabulous collection, which is a private collection and not open to the public. The Kucks are lifetime members of the Sandhills Open Road Challenge in Arnold, and have generously offered a tour of their collection in memory of Tiff (Moose). The Open House will be Saturday, April 19, from 1-5 p.m. One hundred of the donations will go to the Nebraska Organ Recovery System. Tiff checked the box on his driver's license to be an organ donor and when he passed five lifesaving organs, both cornea and bone and tissue were recovered for donation to recipients. “This is a wonderful opportunity and we hope that you will take advantage and join us on this special da,” says Barb Varney, Tiff’s mom. The address is 2251 Humphrey Avenue, Lincoln, NE. From 180-27th St. Exit (Exit 403) in Lincoln, head North to the dead end. Make the next four lefts to arrive at the gates of the Kuck Property. Donation per person is $25, adults and children 16 years and older.