Downed power poles part of cause of continued isolated outages

Custer Public Power District

Downed power poles in the Gates and Taylor area are part of the reason power outages still are occurring in the region.

The Custer Public Power District released the following statement Wednesday, May 3.

"Custer Public Power wants to thank our customers for being understanding as we restore power in our service territory.

Crews are working on isolated outages and focusing on north of Gates and northeast of Taylor. There are approximately 70 pole down in these area along with cross arm and wire damage.

Custer Public Power is hoping to have power to these areas today or tomorrow with only isolated outages remaining. Crews are doing temporary fixes to get line in the air and services restored.

Thank you to all the customer for their positive comments and food and to Trotter at Sargent. Our linemen appreciate your encouragement.

Please report power outages to 1-888-749-2453."