Driscoll: Thank you

As some people already know, I accepted a position at the Kearney Hub and the girls state basketball tournament is going to be my final official work for the Chief. So, I guess it's customary to write a good-bye, so long and farewell column. When I graduated from college I can honestly say returning to Broken Bow wasn't even in my vocabulary, but, I can tell you I'm happy I came back, even if it was just for eight months. Living in Broken Bow and working with the various coaches, talking to the student-athletes and visiting with parents on a daily basis, I now have an appreciation for Broken Bow and the community that I wouldn't have now if I didn't move back. There are so many good people that I'm able to talk to each day. I can go to a sporting event and people call me by my first name instead of the guy at the paper, and that truly means a lot. I love my job and there weren't a lot of jobs out there that I'd leave the Chief for. My plan was to work at the Chief for two, maybe three years and continue working on my master's degree (12 credits left, yay!) and to live in my parents basement, which was nice. No rent, free food and a personal maid who happens to go by the name of "Mom". I experienced some pretty cool things in my tenure. First, there was the Broken Bow baseball team qualifying for the state tournament. There were so many special things that happened last summer for that team and it was great to see the Broken Bow bats come alive at the perfect time and roll through their district. How can I not mention the Sargent football team! I can honestly say I've never seen a team as dominant at any level of football and to see the Bulldogs take down a prep power house like Howells was truly enjoyable and I'll never forget it. I couldn't do my job without the various photographers that take photos for the Chief: Deb Hostick, Deb Kennedy, Patty McCabe, Pam Ginkens, Tammy Weinman, Janelle Snow and Charmagne Bitterman. Without this awesome group of ladies I would probably have pulled my hair out. Finally, I would like to thank the kids and the coaches. I rely on coaches to send me stats of their games and every coach did a great job. I rarely had to call a coach and beg for stats. And thanks to the kids who go out for athletics. Without you, I wouldn't have had a job, thank you!