E-mail scam threatens life of local woman

E-mail scams are nothing new, even to residents of Custer County. But a report of a recent scam in which an area resident’s life was threatened has authorities concerned.Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond says a report was made to his office from a Custer County woman, who prefers to remain unidentified, of an e-mail she received in which she was told a close friend of hers had hired this individual to kill her. In the message, the man told the victim his boys had located her and were watching her, and she was not to contact police.The message also told the victim not to leave her house during a certain time, because he believed she was innocent and he wanted to talk to the person who hired him.The victim, who received the e-mail on her Google account, contacted the Sheriff’s office. Osmond says he has confirmation from the Attorney General’s office that the e-mail was a scam and originated somewhere outside the United States.In other news from the Sheriff’s Office, three incidents of theft were reported Nov. 30. Sargent Irrigation and Sargent Drilling both reported electrical cable containing copper wire were stolen. The value of the wire was estimated at $800. Also on Nov. 30, Brad Kaelin of Broken Bow reported a number of tools stolen from his shop. The tools had an estimated value of $3,500.Both the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and the Broken Bow Police Department are investigating.A vehicle fire Nov. 28, 14 miles southeast of Broken Bow, resulted in the total loss of a 2005 Buick Rendezvous. According to the police report, the vehicle was attempting to turn around when it became high centered. A fire then started under the vehicle.