Early voting ballots should be mailed by Saturday May 7

Staff Writer

Nebraskans are urged to get their early voting ballots in the mail by noon Saturday, May 7 or plan on delivering them in person. That’s the message from Secretary of State John Gale, following a meeting with post office officials Friday morning.

“The concern is making sure that those ballots are delivered to the processing center on time and then into the hands of county election officials by the close of polls on Election Day, May 10,” Gale said.

In comparison to the number of requests placed for early voting ballots, about 70 percent have been returned. That percentage also includes citizens who have voted in person at county election offices.

“For a while, returns were lagging,” Gale said. “However, it appears that in this last week, people are making a concerted effort to get their ballots in. We just want to make sure that voters know they’re up against some postal deadlines as far delivery is concerned, to ensure that their ballot is counted.”

Voters who don’t want to risk their ballot being delayed in the mail have the option of dropping it off at their county election office. Gale noted that several counties also have drop boxes that are conveniently located as well.