Election results for Nebraska national, statewide offices

Staff Writer

Below are unofficial results from the Nebraska Secretary of State's office as of Nov. 8, 2018 for national, statewide and regional offices for the Custer County, Nebraska area.

U.S. Senator (six year term)
Deb Fischer (R) 395,996 58 votes, 58.14 percent
Jane Raybould (D) 260,534 votes, 38.25 percent
Jim Schultz (L) 24,606

Governor/Lt. Governor
Pete Ricketts and Mike Foley (R) 404,537 votes, 59.42 percent
Bob Krist and Lynne M. Walz (D) 276,234 voter, 40.58 percent

Secretary of State
Bob Evnen (R) 399,482, 61.09 percent
Spencer Danner (D), 254,480, 38.91 percent

State Treasurer
John Murante (R) 505,022 votes, 100 percent

Attorney General
Doug Peterson (R) 505,559 votes, 100 percent

Auditor of Public Accounts
Charlie Janssen (R) 373,849, 57.99 percent
Jane Skinner (D) 270,797, 42.01 percent

Measure 427
For 345,837 votes, 53.20 percent
Against 304,253, 46.80 percent

Representative to Congress (two year term) District 1
Jeff Fortenberry (R) 140,248 votes, 60.54 percent
Jessica McClure (D) 91,426, 39.46 percent

Representative to Congress (two year term) District 2
Don Bacon (R) 121,466 votes, 51.55 percent
Kara Eastman (D) 114,154 votes, 48.45 percent

Representative to Congress (two year term) District 3
Adrian Smith (R) 162,757, 76.73 percent
Paul Theobald (D) 49,363 votes, 23.27 percent

Custer Public Power District At Large (six year term)
John P. Blakeman, 2,904 votes, 34.64 percent
Lloyd H. Ramsey, 2,742 votes, 32.71 percent
Tom Roberts, 2,737 votes, 32.65 percent

Nebraska Legislature District 36
Matt Williams 9,720 votes, 100 percent

Nebraska Public Power District Subdivision 5 (six year term)
Charlie Kennedy 8,687 votes, 62.33 percent
Thomas Hoff 5,251 votes, 37.67 percent

Shall Judge James Michael Fitzgerald be retained in office? (six years, statewide)
Yes 397,577
No 131,090

Shall Judge Julie A. Martin be retained in office? (six years, statewide)
Yes 422,994
No 113,879

Shall Judge James J. Orr be retained in office? (six years, District 8 - the counties of Blaine, Boyd, Brown, Cherry, Custer, Garfield, Greeley, Holt, Howard, Loup, Keya Paha, Sherman, Valley and Wheeler)
Yes 13,089
No 3,879