Family Advocacy Network opens satellite office in Broken Bow

Staff Writer

Family Advocacy Network (FAN) (106 E 31st St, Kearney) is opening a satellite office at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) (2475 S E St, Broken Bow.) Jamie Vetter, Executive Director of FAN in Kearney said, "Nebraska Alliance Child Advocacy Center did a feasibility study to see where the pockets were that were being under-served," Vetter said. "Custer Coutny was identified as one of those pockets. That is why we're here."

FAN works to help children and adults who are vulnerable or have been subjected to sexual abuse, drug usage and other potential forms of trauma. Victims are brought to FAN by law enforcement Vetter stated, "There is not a medical component at any of the satellite offices across the state," Vetter said. "If there is a medical need, which with very few that is the case, they will still need to come to Kearney to the medical staff there. Otherwise everything will still be offered here. We'll still do hair testing, nail testing, forensic interviews, MDT teams, advocacy all of those things will be provided out of this office."

FAN will be available at a TBD date this coming week.