Fire destroys barn at Callaway

Saturday afternoon turned out to be filled with a little more excitement than normal for Joe Cool. Cool was working cattle that day when he noticed smoke coming from the barn. When the Callaway fire department arrived on the scene, the barn was completely engulfed. “An old wooden structure filled with ten to 15 tons of straw bales, there wasn’t alot we could do besides contain it and watch it burn,” Callaway Fire Chief Charles Jorgensen stated. The Callaway volunteer fire departement, along with the help of Merna’s tanker, was on the scene. One of their concerns was getting water to the fire. With one of Callaway’s tankers down, Merna’s tanker was brought in. All parties involved were just thankful the rain had fallen that day to help keep the fire from spreading. According to Jorgensen, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.