Foot of snow snow possible for Custer County Sunday-Monday

Staff Writer

The Winter Weather Watches for central and western Nebraska have been upgraded to Winter Weather Warnings. In the western portion of the state, the warning begins Saturday and goes into Sunday. For the central part of Nebraska, the warning begins early Sunday and goes to noon Monday, at this time.

In a National Weather Service (NWS) briefing, Rachel Kylie said six to 12 inches of snow are possible for a significant area. One estimate is 12 inches possible for Custer County with 14 inches possible to the north.

There will be "pretty high wind" Kulik said. Winds will start Sunday and increase out of the north. Gust as high as 40 mph and even 45 mph may accompany the storm.

Strong crosswinds could impact east to west roadways.

Snow will begin as wet snow however as the storm progresses, the snow will become drier and lighter and easier for the wind to blow it around.

Kulik said there could be "dangerous road conditions" during the storm.

Timing of the storm is pretty firm however the exact location of the heaviest snow could shift as the storm moves in. If visibility drops to 1/4 mile or less, the winter storm warning could be upgraded to a blizzard warning.